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Eco Friendly Products Empowered with Eco Energy Stomps-out Global Warming

Love today's technology but worried about global warming and rising energy costs?

Our eco friendly products store turns your love for technology into your best weapon against rising energy costs and global warming.  Don’t become a caveman just to show you love the earth …let help you to evolve today’s eco friendly products into eco powered tech using greener energy practices or clean energy and you too will evolve into… the eco powered lifestyle!

Check out our featured Eco Friendly Products - modern and sophisticated... just like you!.

Featured Products: 100 Watt Rigid Solar Panels.
It's Arrived People!  Affordable Solar Power for All

100 watt solar panel with junctionbox, bypass diodes and connector cables

High pollut'n energy SUCKS ...this eco powered tech doesn't suck them back!
Your own FREE solar power... certainly won't miss the monthly energy bills.
Off-grid is good but this unit is also ready for grid-tie installations so you can share the clean eco power... get paid for your eco power too.

Saving the planet is fun... Saving money is fun too ! is your store for saving money and the earth the eco powered way!

Shop our eco friendly technology store.  Our prices include shipping and handling*  and you can earn store credit with multi-item purchases

We carry only eco friendly products and services that will help you to:

battery chargers and rechargeable batteries recycle and reuse energyRecycle and Reuse Energy
- Today's energy production is excessive and creates lots of pollution.  Recycling saves energy produced in this way and these eco friendly products make the energy production count as more eco friendly.  Be free of rising energy costs and lower pollution because energy recycling saves energy and lets you reuse the energy to replace more expensive, wasteful, or toxic forms of energy products.

LED light bulbs reduce energy use and reduce energy need Reduce Energy Use,
- If everyone uses these types of eco friendly products, today's energy production can be greatly reduced, leading to drastic reductions in the creation of pollution.  These eco friendly products last longer than current alternatives so you save the time spent looking for frequent replacements and save money by buying fewer replacements years apart instead of weeks or months and using less energy to minimize the effects of the rising energy costs.

solar bluetooth headset is a clean solar powered products Use Eco Powered Products,
- Clean eco energy is the objective of eco powered lifestyles because it alone can ensure that we beat global warming. Clean energy services (coming soon) provide clean eco energy with zero co-generated pollution. Clean energy eco friendly products eliminate pollution related to energy production and minimize wasted energy due to remote production/distribution and anticipatory production.

solar power battery charger & solar chargerUse Solar Panels and Chargers,
        to generate your own clean energy and become energy self-sufficient.
- Clean energy generation products wean you off the polluting or wasteful forms of energy to ensure that your eco footprint is small enough to stomp out global warming.  We can supply eco friendly products ranging from portable personal to powerplant (coming soon) sizes.

Our eco friendly products help to counter rising energy costs by paying for themselves quickly and continuing to save you money over their longer lifespan.  True to the eco friendly tradition, eco powered technology also help you minimize waste and pollution production.

Thank you for shopping  We're dedicated to bringing you innovative and clean eco energy and eco energy powered products so you can live the eco powered lifestyle.

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* unless otherwise stated in the product description

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